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Wireless Communication Services

Exceeding Expectations

Wireless Communication Service & RepairAt Central Communications, we consider ourselves to be in the service industry. It is our primary focus, and we hope it is always our best product. We never want to meet a client’s expectations – we want to exceed them. Every time. And if we don’t exceed expectations we are not satisfied until we do. Give us a call to see if we measure up to your expectations.

Repair Service

At Central Communications, we service every product we sell as well as those we don’t sell. Chances are that if you need work on wireless equipment, we can handle it regardless of who manufactured it. Our technicians are all ETA certified and combined have over 110 years of RF experience. We strive to provide our technicians the most current training on new advancements in the industry and the latest technology to provide the repair services you need.

FCC Licensing

Going through the process of FCC licensing is an intimidating mess of acronyms and terms you may have never heard of: FB2, Narrow-banding, Emission Designator, Maximum ERP, FB8, and FRN are just a few of the stranger ones. They might as well be speaking another language. So let us be your translator. Whether you need the complex licensing of a trunked multi-site system to a simple name change modification, we can handle it. We know how the process works and have established relationships with FCC coordinators, so you don’t have to deal with the headache.

Radio Propagation Studies

Do you have a system that doesn’t cover the area you were told it would cover? That will not happen with us. We use the latest in radio propagation software on the front end so that we can predict RF coverage and let our clients make informed decisions on system design.

System Design

Not sure where to start? Let us help. We have decades of experience in designing complete communications systems on our own. And if we get stumped, we have partnerships with some of the brightest RF engineers in the country to solve thornier issues.

Have you Narrowbanded?

If you have not narrowbanded your FCC license to 12.5 KHz efficiency since the January 1, 2013 mandate, you could be subject to federal enforcement action, which may include admonishment, monetary fines, or loss of license. It is not too late. Call us before the FCC calls you!

We Can Help!