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Microwave Backhaul

High Capacity Microwave

Central Communications is a leading provider of high capacity microwave backhaul solutions. We offer point-to-point wireless soluctions from multiple manufacturers to allow private, government, and enterprise network operators to cost effectively deliver data, voice, and video services. Options range from 220 MHz to 40 GHz spectrum, licensed and unlicensed, to provide you the performance and flexibility required by today’s networks.

Replace Leased Lines

Extending your network? Why pay for high-priced leased access lines when you can outright own your network extensions for less than one year's leased line cost?

Control your network, YOU own the bandwidth!

Replacing your leased access lines will eliminate expensive recurring pricing and allow you more independence from incumbent bandwidth providers.

Extending your network to your remote offices over miles of distance is easy with licensed wireless digital microwave Ethernet radios, and unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges. Microwave equipment will help you realize increased network performance, more efficiency, and higher reliability and availability, and your IP backhaul network will be highly scalable for future growth. Best of all, you own and control the bandwidth of those network extensions, with no recurring leased line pricing.

Leasing lines is not the only choice for private circuits for high-speed access or LAN/WAN extensions to multiple sites. Most carriers still provide leased data lines that operate over an aging copper infrastructure. Carriers often outsource maintenance work for their network, which can create poor repair times for network outages, which inevitably leaves your network at a standstill. Leased line backbones present other disadvantages you should consider, including:

  • High pricing and recurring monthly/yearly telecom costs
  • Fiber/copper leased lines are not readily available everywhere
  • Legacy TDM systems prohibit modern IP services
  • Additional equipment is required to install, manage, route, convert data, secure, etc; each device requires its own space and more time for configuration and management
  • Expensive trenching for repairs and new installations
  • Fiber/copper is vulnerable to physical damage by construction, traffic and railroad mishaps

Upgrade to microwave and control your own network...

It's probably easier than you think to replace your leased E1/E3/T1/T3 line. In a matter of hours you can install and configure your own high capacity fixed wireless microwave links that will dramatically increase bandwidth and improve the efficiency of your network, your business, and reduce your operating costs.

Microwave Backhaul Solutions

Have you Narrowbanded?

If you have not narrowbanded your FCC license to 12.5 KHz efficiency since the January 1, 2013 mandate, you could be subject to federal enforcement action, which may include admonishment, monetary fines, or loss of license. It is not too late. Call us before the FCC calls you!

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