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911 Call Centers

Motorola Zetron AVtec

From Simple to Complex

911 Communications Operator
A radio dispatch solution can be as simple as one operator and a single radio dispatch console. A large communications center can have a hundred or more positions tasked with mission critical communications and management of thousands of mobile personnel and various organizations. Central Communications is proud to be a dealer of Motorola, Zetron and Avtec consoles.

911 Dispatch Console Advantages:

  • Brings multiple radios to one centralized point
  • Brings multiple voice and information paths to one centralized point
  • Allows selection of audio to be singled out and prioritized or mixed
  • Allows control functions of doors, cameras and other security and non security items form one centralized location
  • Allows set up from full furniture and desk appointments to a simple unit sitting on a file cabinet
  • Allows the mounting of video display and push button controls
  • Allows for a radio and/or telephone patch to be enabled if needed
  • Allows for information to be displayed in a single location
  • Allows remote control of radios and items requiring operation away from the actual locations
  • Allows the mounting of video display and touch screen, mouse driven or push button controls.

911 Communication Console911 Dispatch integrator

Have you Narrowbanded?

If you have not narrowbanded your FCC license to 12.5 KHz efficiency since the January 1, 2013 mandate, you could be subject to federal enforcement action, which may include admonishment, monetary fines, or loss of license. It is not too late. Call us before the FCC calls you!

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