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* Providing RF Communications Solutions to Fit Any Industry

Design, Sales, Installation & Maintenance

* Distributed Antenna Systems for In Building Wireless Coverage

*Local and National Solutions for M2M, SCADA, Telemetry and Fleets

*Push to Talk Satellite Communications covering North America

Two-Way Radio Solutions for Any Industry

* Solutions for Public Safety, Businesses & Consumers

* Two-Way Radio Systems From 2 Premier Manufacturers

* Local & Nationwide Coverage for Reliable Mobile Communications

* Provide Wireless Carrier Coverage to Meet Customer Expectations

* Distributed Antenna Systems to Improve Wireless Reception

In Building Wireless Coverage - The 4th Utility

* Latest Fire Codes Require Minimum Public Safety Radio Coverage

* Experienced Installations of Both Active and Passive DAS

LTE 4G and 3G Data Solutions

*Nationwide coverage on the most reliable network - Verizon

*Nationwide Coverage for M2M, Telemetry or other Data Applications

*Failover Solutions to Guarantee Internet Connectivity

*Premier Partner with:

Fleet Management Systems

* Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

* Free Roadside Assistance

* Diagnostic Alerts

* Vehicle Recovery

* Monitor Speeds & Idle Times

* Rock Solid Sky Terra 1 - Boeing 702HP Satellite

* Reliable State, Regional & National Coverage

Public Safety Satellite Communications

* Integrated Satellite and 4G Terrestrial Network

* Electronic and Mechanical Sirens to Broadcast Alerts

* For Public Safety, Industrial, Recreational Applications

Emergency Warning Systems

* Controlled Wirelessly

* Don't Let Emergencies Catch You Off Guard

Wireless Connectivity - To People, Places & Things

LTE Telemetry and Data

We can move data across town or across the country at LTE speeds, without breaking the bank. We partner with the largest and most reliable carrier in the United States to give you the service you expect, while providing you the hometown responsiveness you deserve.


Wireless Networks

Robust and scalable wireless networks for indoor and outdoor applications. If your wireless infrastructure is more than three years old, it may not be capable of handling your needs and your customers' wants. Integrate your wireless devices into one network for efficiency and savings.


Microwave Systems

Still paying for expensive and unreliable leased lines to link multiple locations? Talk to us about designing and building you a microwave network. Fast and reliable with a return on investment that you would not have believed possible.


Featured Products

Central Communications not only provides top notch wireless networking services, but we offer a full line of communications equipment as well.

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Wireless Communication News

Recent news related to the wireless communications industry. Topics covered include; microwave backhauling, narrowbanding, hybrid satellite networks, UHF, and VHF communication technologies.

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Have you Narrowbanded?

If you have not narrowbanded your FCC license to 12.5 KHz efficiency since the January 1, 2013 mandate, you could be subject to federal enforcement action, which may include admonishment, monetary fines, or loss of license. It is not too late. Call us before the FCC calls you!

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